Sicily: A Heart's Journey
August 2, 2019
Village Square Booksellers - Bellows Fall, Vermont

Bellows Falls native and author Mary Tolaro Noyes shares the dream of finding her Sicilian family and establishing a lasting connection with them. On a June day in 1989, together with her father and mother, she met members of that Sicilian family for the first time. Sicily: A Heartís Journey chronicles not only that first whirlwind encounter, but also the 30 years of adventures (and misadventures) she has experienced along the way. The book will speak to every person who has ever wondered where they came from; celebrated their familyís unique story; or tried to navigate a foreign culture. Mary lets us enter her house and makes us feel at home.

6-7 PM FIXME: A half-hour presentation with Q&A. Over 100 photos including many of Vermont will introduce you to the characters and locations in Bellows Falls, Vermont, and Pietraperzia, Sicily.

Friday, August 2nd, 6-7 PM
Village Square Booksellers
32 The Square
Bellows Falls, Vermont
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Books will be available for purchase at the event (English and Italian). You may also reserve a copy in advance.
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Copies of the books in Englis will also be available for sale at the event courtesy of Village Sqaure Booksellers. The author will have copies of the Italian Version.

Thanks to: Village Square Booksellers, Pat Fowler, and the Rockingham Historical Society.
Sicily: A Heartís Journey (© 2018) was published by Arba Sicula & the Legas Publishing Company
Sicilia: Un viaggio verso le radici (© 2017) was published by Armando Siciliano Editore.

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